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Located in Sutton near the southern shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe, Sutton Apothecary is a fully-accredited pharmacy, providing customer-focused health care to the area for more than 125 years.

Our doors originally opened in 1876, back when we were known as Tremayne’s Pharmacy, and we’ve been in continual operation ever since, serving retail customers. We also have a long-standing relationship with the long-term care community, with 20 years of experience in providing services to long-term care homes.

How have we managed to thrive for so long? By offering a wide array of products and services, and giving each of our customers and patients personal attention, so we can ensure they receive the individualized medical attention they need.

When you walk through our doors, our goal is always to take care of you to the best of our ability, whether that means filling your prescription promptly or providing you with the highest quality natural health products or recommending the best option from over the counter medications.

Life is an experience. Michael A. Singer

We like to be an experience gifted to you.


As part of our promise of quality and desire to serve all of your pharmaceutical needs, Sutton Apothecary stocks a wide variety of products designed to improve your life and your health.

  • Almesad_500g__53322.1427770664.386

    Diet & Nutrition

    Maybe you want to lose a few pounds – who doesn’t? Or perhaps you have special dietary needs. At Sutton Apothecary, we carry only the finest diet & nutrition products so you can safely & effectively meet your goals.

  • KMF

    Beauty & Skincare

    What you put into your body matters a lot, but so does what you put on it. From makeup to lotion to facial cleansers, we have a plethora of natural options available.

  • Vitamins-Supplements

    Vitamins & Supplements

    Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, ensure that your body is getting the daily minimum nutritional requirements, or add muscle mass, we have you covered.

  • Health-Medicine

    Health & Medicine

    We offer a wide range of natural over-the-counter medicine and health products to help with everything from the common cold to headaches to skin rashes.

  • prescription


    People from all over the Sutton area only place their trust in our experienced pharmacy to handle their prescriptions. Try us, and you’ll see why.

  • bruts-bee

    Baby & Kids

    Within the flu season, finding the right and safe medicine for your child is essential. Sutton Apothecary can help you do just that with its wide Homeopathic options for cough, cold and teething.

  •  Home Healthcare

    Home Healthcare

    Our home healthcare products span the gamut – from blood pressure cuffs to diabetic testing devices to heating pads. If it can ease your pain and help you take care of yourself, chances are good that we’ve got it.

  • Household

    Household & Groceries

    Natural cleaning supplies. Natural snacks. Naturally.

We not only carry a wide collection of herbs, vitamins, supplements, natural health products, essential oils, and home supplies, but frequently add new ones as we learn about them. Sutton Apothecary stands behind our products, and our skilled professionals are always happy to offer advice. Whatever it takes to service you better.




    Our belief is that part of meeting your needs is to serve as your one-stop pharmaceutical source. To that end, Sutton Apothecary is proud to offer a wide variety of medication and clinical services.

    You can also access the Natural Health Library on our website, where you can learn about everything from how to safely use herbs and supplements to information on drugs to healthy recipes for meals. Our goal is to better educate our customers so they can better take care of themselves


    • Dispill-compliance packaging of medication
    • Timely delivery of medications and supplies free of charge to our nearby neighborhood
    • Home healthcare equipment and supplies
    • 24/7 after-hours medication-related emergency telephone contact number for long-term care homes
    • Free shipping for orders over $50


    • Patient counselling on all new prescriptions and on repeat prescriptions as required
    • Personal medication review: As required, a pharmacist will conduct a few minutes interview and medication education session each year with every client who takes three or more medications; multiple sessions can be scheduled if necessary
    • Stop smoking program where eligible clients can receive aids to help them stop smoking
    • Disease state teachings and information sessions as required
    • Development of pharmacist-patient relationships that aim to enhance therapeutic outcomes
    • Coordination of health promotion clinics
    • Full range of expanded scope activities as legislation evolves

    You can also access the Natural Health Library on our website, where you can learn about everything from how to safely use herbs and supplements to information on drugs to healthy recipes for meals. Our goal is to better educate our customers so they can better take care of themselves.


    Our customers can connect with us in three convenient ways. Firstly, people are encouraged to come to our pharmacy in person during our normal business hours:

    Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 6:00pm | Saturday – 9:00am to 1:00pm | Sundays and Holidays – Closed

    In addition to this, those who need us should feel free to call our toll free number (1-800-206-4266), if they are suffering from a medication-related issue or any question. They can also, leave us a message on our voicemail and we will return their call. And finally, you can always order medications and other products through our website, as well as peruse a wealth of helpful information on health, fitness, and nutrition.

    We are fully accredited through the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP accreditation number 005397) and ready to meet any pharmaceutical needs that you might have. If you’re ready to see the Sutton Apothecary difference, stop by and meet our friendly and knowledgeable professionals.

    121 High Street, Box 100,
    Sutton, Ontario,
    L0E 1R0
    Have questions? Give us a call:
    1-800-206-4266 (toll-free)

    You can also fax our office at 905-722-5836 or 866-289-3435, or send us an email at Our pharmacist on duty, Michael Ramzy, is happy to speak with you about anything.