Back to School Health Tool

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It’s finally back to school season. Summer is almost over and kids are getting back to school routine. Here are some helpful tools to get back to school, stay healthy and improve.

  • Nighty Night!

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    Kids do better when they have a regular daily routine cause they know what to expect next. That creates a routine that helps them strive and grow healthy. One of the most important routines is “Get enough sleep”. When kids get enough sleep at night, that affects their mental and physical wellbeing. That reflects on their daily performance at school.

  • Breakfast & Multivitamins

    Go organic for the first meal of the day. Your kids need a good morning breakfast to start the day right! It’s advised to give a multivitamin to make up for any missed sources of vitamins during a rushed breakfast in the morning. Kids’ multivitamins can come in many different forms like; gummy bears, liquid flavors, chewable tablets…etc. Fill their lunch bags with the right choices; lots of veggies, fibre-rich fruits, and whole grains which are better for balancing sugar, instead of white bread and processed high-sugar foods.²

  • Exercise and Stay Active

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    Promote active movement and avoid sedentary lifestyle entertainments; like video games and iPad games that keep your kids entrained and stop them from being active. It also brings the kid’s creativity level down because smartphones or tablets do all the one-man show with a very minimal effort. So keep moving. Keep playing. Stay active. It’s good for their muscles, circulation and brain. Get your kids to join a league, a team or a club to stay motivated.

  • Omega 3 for Better Brain Performance

    You can do all the healthy possible things for your kids, but if you don’t fuel them with the right ingredients for health and success, then they are missing out! Don’t get them to miss out on Omega 3, either from a healthy diet or right supplements. It’s amazing for their brains and learning skills such as reading and memorizing. You never go wrong with Omega 3. EPA and DHA are the building blocks for many cells including; brain cells, nerves and retina.

  • Don’t forget Vitamin D

    Along all these supplements , don’t miss on Vitamin D. Recent studies showed that Vitamin D has a positive effect on the Bones, teeth and mood. Winter is coming, so let’s start building on Vitamin D. Usual Vitamin D dose for kids is 400 – 600 IU.

  • Probiotics and Antibiotics

    Probiotics are starting to play an important role in our health. Recent studies discovered that probiotics can increase immune system, treat irritable bowel syndrome¹ and more over it can prevent antibiotics-associated diarrhea. Some studies even claim that some specific strains like Lactobacillus reuteri can lower cholesterol, but not by much. Also consider the high cost of probiotics, and that it can’t replace a healthy diet or even statins. They are thought to reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol by breaking up biles salts in the intestine.¹ One of the well-studied Probiotics for kids is BioGaia drops or Bio-Kids.


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