Probiotics…To take or Not to take? That’s the Question!


Why Probiotics?

In the human’s gut lives a big number of small organisms. We call them “Normal Flora“. Our Flora does us a great favor; about 400 strains of bacteria like LactobacillusBifidobacterium…etc, and fungi. These all play an important role in metabolizing food, absorbing nutrients, preventing spread of harmful bacteria and keep the intestinal health in the best shape. Even lately more benefits have been discovered related to the existence of these bacteria in the human intestine, Vagina and Urinary Tract System that they enhance the making of more antibodies therefore enhancing the immune system2. In rare cases (e.g. Immunocompromised patients), probiotics can cause infections1. So a person who knows that he or she has an autoimmune diseases, might want to avoid a Probiotics.

What makes things worse?

There are many factors can be a good reason to damage our Normal Flora and kill these good bacteria; like taking antibiotics, contraceptive pills, prolonged stress, exposure to toxic substances, drinking milk or eating meat that comes from animals routinely given antibiotics, steroids and other drugs.

Time for shopping…Buy “Smart” the right items 


Probiotics are the source to replenish these good bacteria like;
YoghurtKefir (Probiotic/Fermented milk), Probiotic Pills and Cheese2.


Not all probiotics are created equal

Probiotics are either Bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli or Yeast like Saccharomyces boulardii. When selecting a probiotic, stick with those specific products or strains that have been backed up by clinical trials. Probiotics are recommended to be taken 2 hours after an antibiotic, otherwise the probiotics can get wiped too. Probiotics are suggested to be taken for the entire antibiotic course and up to a week afterThis will reduce the incidence of diarrhea associated with the antibiotics during the treatment and keep replenishing what the body loses during the coarse of antibiotics. Some Probiotics need to be refrigerated and others don’t. What matters most is the bacterial count when you’re buying a Probiotic and that determines the strength of the probiotics.



Some of these Probiotic Pills are;
– Bio-K
– Culturelle
– Florastor
– Jamieson’s Probiotics (Digestive Care for Babies, Kids & Adults)
– BioGaia


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